Marina Club

Rules and Regulations

The following MARINA RULES AND REGULATIONS have been adopted to provide a safe and inviting Marina Club for our Owners. These Rules, are also posted on the Corbin Hall POA website. A Property Owner, boat owner, any member of their family, any of their employees, licensees, agents, contractors, and guests ( hereinafter individually referred to as ” Property Owner’s Agent “) expressly agree to comply with these Rules at all times. The Marina Club maintains the right from time to time to change or add Rules for the safety, care and cleanliness of the Marina Club or for the preservation of good order and, upon posting such amendments and additions in a conspicuous place such as the Corbin Hall POA website or at the Marina Club, they shall become part of the Corbin Hall By-Laws and supersede all previous versions. Property Owner agrees to comply, and to cause Property Owner’s Agent to comply, with all Marina Rules and Regulations.

  1. Property Owners shall operate their boats, including PWCs, wet bikes and similar vessels, in a manner that will not create any wake in the Marina area. Owners shall be responsible for any damage caused to docks, other boats or any other property as a result of any wake created by owners, their guests or friends.
  2. No maintenance on any boat shall be performed without the prior written approval of the Marina Club except such minor maintenance as would be normally performed by a boat owner without the benefit of a boat mechanic or craftsman. If approval is granted, boat owner shall be liable for any and all damage to dock, other boats or any other property. There will be no major repair work done on boat while in slip or at dockside. Work includes sanding, painting, fiberglass repair, woodwork, engine overhaul, carpet installation or any other such work. Fueling of boats is prohibited at the docks.
  3. There shall be no swimming, air mattresses, floats, or playing in the water at mooring points, marina docks or any other area in the marina.
  4. The disposal of garbage, sewage, oil, fuel or any other waste material into the marina is not permitted. The same holds true on land as well as the premises of the Marina Club. No private garbage or garbage cans are permitted on any docks or fingers.
  5. Charcoal or wood fire grills are not to be used on docks or boats while docked in slips. Gas grills are allowed. Owner is responsible for keeping all walkways around boat clear of cooking grills, dock boxes, debris, trash, boats, water hoses or any other item that would hinder free access or walking on the dock. No storage lockers are allowed on any docks or fingers without written consent of the marina. No carpet will be allowed on any docks.
  6. Noise shall be kept to a minimum at all times. Owners shall use discretion when starting and running engines or using radios, and TV, tape players and other amplified equipment so as to not disturb others. The entertainment is for your pleasure only, not that of your neighbor and fellow boatman. Loud partying or any excessively loud noises will not be permitted. Any dock party and other events must request permission in writing at least (2) weeks before scheduled date of event. Property Owners who submit a request will be held responsible for any damages and conduct of all parties involved.
  7. Boat trailers are to be parked in the parking area but not in front of the boat ramp. This area must be clear at all times. Trailers parked unhooked from a tow vehicle will be towed at owner’s expense. This also applies to guest’s and friend’s trailers. Small boats may be tied behind an approved vessel but must be secured on both ends as to not block neighboring slips or restrict any other boat from going in and out of the Marina Club.
  8. Pets are permitted only if they are controlled and do not disturb other boaters. All pets must be kept aboard the owner’s boat, not the dock. Pets should be toileted only on the grass area within the Marina Club. Owner will be responsible for cleaning up any waste left by the pet. Owners will also comply with the local leash laws.
  9. Neither guests nor any non-owners will be permitted on the docks in the absence of the owner or with express permission from owner. Guests and non-owners must be able to provide the name and lot number of the property owner who gave permission, if asked. Children under the age of 18 years are not permitted on the docks after midnight unless accompanied by their parents. Children under 12 years must always be accompanied by an adult. It is advisable that non-swimmers and toddlers wear lifejackets when on boat docks or boats.
  10. The Marina Club will not be held responsible for fire, theft, loss of electricity, high or low water levels, storm damage, or sinking of any craft for any reason. Owner has the absolute continuing duty to inspect its boat for hazardous materials, combustibles, adequate engine compartment ventilation, and all other dangerous conditions. Any condition aboard any boat which, in the sole discretion of the Marina Club, constitutes a fire hazard or danger to safety shall be corrected immediately by owner. All drain plugs shall be secure at all times. Owner shall remove all personal items from the boat while the boat is in storage. The Marina Club is not responsible for any personal items left in boats, on the dock or in the Marina Club premises.
  11. There will be no disorderly conduct, vulgar language or obscene action. The Marina Club will not permit any public drunkenness, the use, selling or possession of drugs. This includes boat owners, friends or guests. The Marina Club will hold Property owners and boat owners responsible for all parties involved.
  12. Boat owners must comply with all laws, regulations, and ordinances governing operating or berthing of boat. Boats must be maintained in safe, seaworthy, clean and sanitary condition with no accumulation of materials detrimental to safety or public health. Storing of property on docks is not allowed except for a short period of loading and unloading the boat without permission of the Marina Club.
  13. The Marina Club’s docks are for the private and exclusive use of our Property Owners and their guests. Trespassers will be removed from the premises and prosecuted.
  14. In the event of a named windstorm the insured requires ALL boats be removed from dock. In the event an emergency has occurred during the Owner’s absence, the Marina Club reserves the right but not the responsibility to take such action as it deems necessary and prudent to safeguard said vessel, its slip/space, adjacent vessel, or property of the Marina Club. Owner agrees to reimburse the Marina Club for all costs it incurs on behalf of Owner’s vessel in emergency situations. A watercraft insurance (proof of insurance) is required prior to property owner docking at this facility.
  15. There will be a charge for equipment and services rendered due to storm preparation for any boats that are improperly secured. This includes, but is not limited to, tie down straps/bungee cords, rope, tarping, bilge repair, battery charging or pulling boat from the slip.
  16. No Owners, Agent or guest shall live aboard their moored vessels
  17. No laundry, towels, bathing suits or other such items shall be hung on vessel, docks or pilings.
  18. No ” For Sale” signs or other signs shall be placed on the vessel or vessel slip/space without permission of the Marina Club. The Marina Club reserves the right to remove any non-approved sign from the vessel or slip/space without notice to Owner. Similarly, the Owner shall not affix or attach by screws, nails, bolts or any other object, any article, fixture or equipment to the docks, piers or buildings of the Marina Club.20. No fishing or crabbing is allowed in the marina but is allowed on the community pier.
  19. The floating dock is for the purpose of loading and unloading your boat, PWC, kayak or canoe. It cannot be used for vessel dockage.
  20. Only vessels in good and seaworthy condition shall be permitted to moor at the Marina Club. All (gas/diesel/electric) powered vessels must always be able to operate under their own power.
  21. Boats shall be reasonably and properly equipped with fire extinguishers and other Coast Guard required safety equipment (PFDs, lights, horn or whistles, first aid kits, anchors, lines, bilge pumps, paddles, flashlights) in good working order. Property Owners are urged to follow the standards and comply with safety recommendations of the Coast Guard.
  22. Property Owners shall not place or keep on their slips any lockers, freezers, other substantial structures or material. Approved white dock boxes shall be permitted. Owners must obtain approval from the Corbin Hall Marina Club prior to installation of any dock box. Combustibles shall not be stored anywhere on the dock or marina premises.
  23. Violations of the above rules and regulations, disorder, depredations or improper conduct by an Owner, his crew, agents or guests that might injure or annoy other persons, harm the reputation of the Corbin Hall Marina Club, or cause damage to property shall be cause for immediate removal of the vessel in question at the discretion of the Corbin Hall Marina Club. Violation of any City or County Ordinance, State or Federal laws, rules of the road including Navigation laws of the United States, violation of regulation of City, County, State or Federal agencies shall be cause for the Marina Club to terminate the Agreement immediately and will result in the loss of Marina Club privileges.
  24. The Corbin Hall Marina Club is an amenity and for the enjoyment of the Owners and their guests. However, an Owner must be in good standing with the Association (i.e., current on all dues) to be eligible to use the marina. If an Owner has a boat moored in the marina and is no longer in good standing with the Association, the Owner must remove their boat immediately or the Marina Club will have it removed at the Owner’s expense.