Locking Down CH Broadband Installation

Our first step in locking down our community fiber / broadband installation is for each participant to fill out the verification form.

Fill out the form if:
• you already have a home in Corbin Hall
• you are building or planning on building a home. Please include the year you think you will be finished building or subscribing to broadband services.

Subscription Service Cost: 
• Best speed is 100/50 (down/up) and costs approx. $150 month
• Installation cost is still under discussion but may be around $150 to $200 for most residents

Please email the completed form to Tom Wilson at thomas.f.wilson@nasa.gov

Questions? Contact:
Thomas F. Wilson
36227 Corbin Hall Lane, Box 624, Horntown, Virginia 23395|
757-710-1456  |  thomas.f.wilson@nasa.gov