Guest Suites

Members must be in residence at Corbin Hall at the time any guest occupies a Guest Suite.


There is a $200.00 fee whether you stay one night or you stay for a week. That price is for cleaning, washing linens, etc.  There is also a $200.00 security deposit. The security deposit is returned after the stay is over and everything is left in good order.


The earliest you can book is 90 days from the time you want to reserve.


There are two suites. The only difference in them is that one is handicap accessible. It has an elevator. Both suites have two bedrooms.


Please contact Pat Davis at 757-710-3827 or for reservations.

Welbourne Suite:

DSCN3867   DSCN3866
DSCN3865 DSCN3864

Guest Suite Guest Suite


Arcadia Suite:

Arcadia Suite  Arcadia SuiteArcadia Suite  Arcadia Suite



Community Center Pool




Guest Suite Regulations